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There are numerous ways to get involved and help the campaign to stop Lauri being extradited to the US. You can support the various tweet storms and online actions, or ideally contact your local MP. Voicing your concerns about US authoritarian over reach to others who may be in positions of influence or authority is also a great idea. Any peaceful activity which will help focus both the spotlight of the mainstream media and public attention on the issue is welcomed by the campaign. Thank you for your support.

The most direct way to support Lauri is to help him with his legal expenses. This can be done by donating to his legal fund at www.freelauri.com/donate

You can also use the Courage Foundations web app to send a email to your local MP urging them to speak out about Lauri'a case.

Click here to send a email to your local MP about Lauri.

There are also events that have been organised to help Lauri, you can keep up with these via the Free Lauri Love facebook page at www.facebook.com/NoLove4USGov/